Dear Clubs and Members,

Following the recent COVID Public Health Orders by the NSW State Government please be aware of and action the following:

  1. If you live, work or have visited the Greater Sydney area since (and including) Monday 21st June for ANY reason, you are required to Stay At Home for 14 days after you last left Greater Sydney. This means you cannot attend the Maitland Hockey Centre and participate in any games or training in any form. If you do not follow this requirement you are in breach of the NSW Government Public Health Orders and can be fined by police.
    The Greater Sydney Area includes: All Sydney Local Government Areas and Central Coast Local Council area.
    o This means if you have been on the Central Coast for any reason since Monday 21/6/2021 you are required to stay at home for 14 days after you last left the Central Coast.

2. There is a mandatory requirement for masks to be worn at outside organised sporting events. As our sport is an organised sport, you will be required to wear one. Masks may be removed if you are playing or officiating, eating or drinking, but must be worn at all other times. It is expected that coaches, duty officers, technical bench etc will comply with this requirement.
o MHI will be enforcing the requirements and if you arrive without a mask, you will be asked to wear one by the Duty Officer at the gate.

3. All visitors to the Maitland Hockey Centre are required to complete the Service NSW QR Code check-in. Please make sure you have the app available on your phone. If you are unable to login using the QR code for any reason you must make sure that your details are recorded on the sheet, for contact tracing if required.

4. Please observe 1.5m social distancing at the Hockey Centre (except on the field!)

Thank you for your co-operation, enabling everyone to stay safe at Maitland Hockey Centre.

Sally Carratt
MHI President & Covid Safety Officer