Women’s competition – some housekeeping

  • Due to the ongoing restrictions surrounding the COVID pandemic MHI has adapted the way players will be marked on the card.  It will now be the responsibility of all team managers/captains to ensure all participating players have their name ticked off on the playing card – please note if a player’s name is not ticked off the player will be deemed not to have participated in that game.  If a player is away for a game please do not make any markings next to their name at all.
  • Team managers/captains will also need to ensure all people filling-in for their team (if using fill-in players) have recorded the fill-in players name clearly on the bottom of the card and marked that they were a fill-in player.
  • Prior to signing the card at the conclusion of the match the team manager/captain should check all player attendances have been recorded correctly and the game score is correct prior to signing the card together with the umpires.
  • Please note dispensations (for finals qualifying purposes) will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the Competition Rules – that is, should a player miss a game and wish to apply for dispensation a written submission must be made either by the player themselves or the team manager/captain and submitted to the committee for consideration and voting at the next available committee meeting following the player missing the game.  Dispensations will not automatically be given and will no longer be dealt with as a whole in the last committee meeting prior to commencement of the final series.  Reasons for dispensations considered include – injury, illness, representative commitments and work commitments.  If a player does not submit a written submission to the committee for consideration at the next available committee meeting they will not be credited for qualifying purposes. 
  • The MHI Competition Rules are in the process of being updated and will shortly be posted on the website. Once they have been updated and posted to the website a notification will be sent out and it is recommended that all players read and understand the rules.