SUMMER HOCKEY! Register your interest:

Summer Hockey is starting soon! Join a team or get a group together to make a team. Here are the details which you’ll need to know:

Juniors: Thursdays 5pm and 6pm games
Season: 15th October -10th December

Women: Wednesdays 6:30pm and 7:30pm games
Season: 14th October -9th December

Mixed: Tuesdays 6pm, 7pm and 8pm games
Season: 13th October -8th December

Under 6: $30 modified field, foam sticks 5pm Wed
Under 9: $50 1/4 field 5pm Wed
Under 13 $60 1/2 field 6pm Wed
Women’s* $475 per team 1/2 field 6-a-side optional goalie 7pm & 8pm Wednesdays
Mixed**: $475 per team 1/2 field 6-a-side (no goalie) 6pm, 7pm & 8pm Tuesdays

Rego Costs: (for new players only)
Adult (19 and Over) $44.55
Youth (18 and Under) $26.90
Junior (11 & Under) $19.26
Junior (8 and Under) $4.95

Register your interest ASAP with Kym at

You can nominate as a team (let Kym know your team name, team colour, players) or if you have part of a team or you are an individual player, email Kym and she will start organising the teams.
Everyone is welcomefrom novice players to experienced players!

Come and join the fun of summer Hockey!

*Under 18 playing in womens and mixed are subject to MHI approval required to demonstrate adequate guardian supervision and skill level.

**Mixed is minimum 2 females and 2 males on the field with the remaining players of any sex.

2 thoughts on “SUMMER HOCKEY! Register your interest:

  1. Hi We have entered Brian & Benny Jalonen in for the summer comp.
    Question 1) How do we pay the $50.00 for each?
    Question 2) How do we pay the rego costs?

  2. Jori,
    Rego is covered by what you paid for winter, we will invoice you for the $50

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