A message from the President – Notice to MHI women’s competition players – Staying COVID SAFE at hockey when it is raining

Thanks to everyone for following the Covid Safety protocols-signing in and out, keeping 1.5m social distance, sanitizing your hands and arriving, playing your game and leaving promptly. Your support is much appreciated and allows us to continue to enjoy our hockey safely.

At our recent meeting we discussed how we could play our matches and continue to remain Covid Safe at the Hockey Centre when it is raining.  There is a 6-person limit in the dugouts and not much shelter. To make it easier when it is raining, would you please arrive close to your match start time, come dressed for your match with your equipment (stick, mouthguard, water) and leave your bag in the car.  Goalies only may use the changerooms to change and to leave their goalie bags. 

According to the 2020 MHI Competition Rules, the decision to cancel matches due to weather conditions (including the turf being unplayable) can be made by the Turf Committee (who hire the Turf to MHI) and by MHI (Executive, Umpire Convenor, Duty Officer).  This decision will be shared as early as possible through the website, MHI Facebook and Revolutionise and to team contacts.

In the event of wet weather which floods the pitch or makes play dangerous, the scheduled teams will be notified at least 45 minutes prior to match time if possible. Decisions and notifications will be made about the subsequent matches as soon as possible (for example, the first match might be washed out, but the other matches may be able to be played), depending on the weather conditions.

In the event of a thunderstorm, the “Lightning Policy “ is: The decision will be made in accordance with the Hockey NSW policy which reads, “The lightning safety code is based on the 30/30 rule which calls for play to be stopped when the Lightning/Thunder ratio reaches 30 seconds or less, i.e. the time between when the lightning is seen and the thunder is heard is 30 seconds or less. This means that the lightning is 10kms away and the next strike has a ‘significant risk’ of hitting the people who have seen the lightning and heard the thunder. Play should not commence until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike and thunder.”

Sally Carratt       
President MHI & Covid-19 Safety Officer