Women’s teams

We have 6 teams, if you name is not on the list and you would still like to play with email summer@maitlandhockey.org.au and I can put you in a team. Comp starts next Wednesday night 7pm and 8pm. We still have space for 2 more teams but please be quick

Team NameColour
Roxanne GNB WomenBlue
Sonia BNB WomenBlue
Cathy CNB WomenBlue
Gail CNB WomenBlue
Jodie MNB WomenBlue
Karen GNB WomenBlue
Lynda SNB WomenBlue
Skyla SNB WomenBlue
Lisa CBluesBlue
Ananda OBluesBlue
Fiona WBluesBlue
Lauren BBluesBlue
Emily HBluesBlue
Jaclyn VBluesBlue
Jane WBluesBlue
Kymberly NRoyalsLight Blue
Sally CRoyalsLight Blue
Lisa CRoyalsLight Blue
Prue DRoyalsLight Blue
Courtneay RRoyalsLight Blue
Skye LJust for Fun
Tara LJust for Fun
Emma WJust for Fun
Kim WJust for Fun
Kim NJust for Fun
Lindsey LJust for Fun
Nicole SJust for Fun
Jaclyn VJust for Fun
Karren BSummer BeesWhite/Blue
Other names still to come
Fiona MNorth BlackGrey
Lisa MNorth BlackGrey
Natalie SNorth BlackGrey
Helen RNorth BlackGrey
Kiera GNorth BlackGrey
Cathy BNorth BlackGrey
Chloe MNorth BlackGrey
Kayla GNorth BlackGrey