Senior Comp Umpires and Refresh of Rules

The draws (Mixed and Women) have been updated to include the umpiring team in the “Duty Team” column. You know how annyoing it is to not have an umpire for your team so please don’t do this to someone else. Also if you have played hockey before then you are ‘qualified’ to umpire. It is a social comp, we will all try to be nice/help you out if necessary.

Just a quick refresh on the rules:

Rules Refresh

Now is probably a good time to quickly refresh our rules for 6-a-side.  Main aim of mixed summer is to have a bit of fun in the off season. So this should be kept in mind when applying any of the rules. 

Basically we follow the rules for normal hockey if you need a refresher on those you can download a pdf or app for iphone or android from this website  Outdoor Hockey (11 a-side) rules

Comp Specific Rules: 

  • Half field playing across the field 
  • 6 players from each team on the field at one time (min 2 female and 2 male for mixed)
  • 1 Umpire per game preferably on the far side (ie goal line) to lesson confusion between fields. 
  • no Goalkeepers 
  • If a Plenty Stroke would have been awarded then a goal is awarded. 
  • If a Plenty Corner would have been awarded then a free hit from a meter out side of the circle. The 5m rule must be still observed. 
  • Hits are not allowed from either sex, on reverse or forward stick.  ( The goal of this format is to develop your short game and stick skill.  Players that appear to be “hitting” through players should be penalized accordingly)
  • overheads and raised balls will follow strict dangerous rules.  


Teams have elected for a shirt colour, if you want the same sock colour that is fine, but not compulsory.

Shin pads and Mouth guards are required on all players under 18. Over 18 must provide written medical advice if you’ve elected not to wear them. 

If you are looking for more players or are short on a particular week please let Kym know.

Comp fees are $475 due next week.

If we have to call off any games they will be posted on the website/facebook. You can subscribe to the website

I hope you have an enjoyable summer comp season.