Mixed Teams

We have 6 teams for mixed, there is still space for more teams, there are also teams looking for more players if you are interested in playing, Tuesday night starting the 15th of October 6:30 and 7:30 pm (note time changes as we only need 2 timeslots rather than 3).

PlayersNameColourTeam Organiser
Chloe MThe FlamingosRedChloe M
Gerard BThe FlamingosRedChloe M
Jonathon RThe FlamingosRedChloe M
Amanda KThe FlamingosRedChloe M
Amelia WThe FlamingosRedChloe M
Sophie CThe FlamingosRedChloe M
Lauren CThe FlamingosRedChloe M
Sarah WThe FlamingosRedChloe M
Roxanne GSharksLight BlueKaren G
Kai KSharksLight BlueKaren G
Marcel LSharksLight BlueKaren G
Kobe LSharksLight BlueKaren G
Karen GSharksLight BlueKaren G
Aidan GSharksLight BlueKaren G
Brodie SSharksLight BlueKaren G
Sonia BSharksLight BlueKaren G
Carlin GParanasGreenKaren G
Jasper GParanasGreenKaren G
Kingsley HParanasGreenKaren G
Fraser HParanasGreenKaren G
Zac MParanasGreenKaren G
Enya FParanasGreenKaren G
Nick CParanasGreenKaren G
Cathy CParanasGreenKaren G
Glen MMeehoBlueGlen M
Gary UMeehoBlueGlen M
Jason HMeehoBlueGlen M
Eliza UMeehoBlueGlen M
Natalie MMeehoBlueGlen M
Emily BMeehoBlueGlen M
Sara MMeehoBlueGlen M
Scott RRainbows WarriorsYellowScott R
Samuel RRainbows WarriorsYellowScott R
Chloe RRainbows WarriorsYellowScott R
Megan RRainbows WarriorsYellowScott R
George SRainbows WarriorsYellowScott R
Daniel PRainbows WarriorsYellowScott R
Kymberly NUnnamedBlackKymberly N
Gabriel NUnnamedBlackKymberly N
Charlotte MUnnamedBlackKymberly N
Ruby MUnnamedBlackKymberly N
Gilbert MUnnamedBlackKymberly N
Roxanne SUnnamedBlackKymberly N
Lauren BUnnamedBlackKymberly N
Nelson PUnnamedBlackKymberly N