Grand Final Draw


Duty Office: North Blacks
                        Team 1          Team 2                        Umpires
B DIV: 12.30 Rebels      v   North Blacks      Ian Easterbrook    Sals Rolfe                                          Canteen: Bluebees
A DIV: 2.30   Hornets     v  Bluebees     Ian Easterbrook Ros Sherlock               Canteen: Honey Wilcher

Note: Excerpt from 2018 MHI Competition Rules re Grand Finals:                          14 B [xi] Semi-Finals and Finals will be taken to extra time with drop off and golden goal rule, as for the Grand Final (see 14B[xii]). If the score is still even, the team with the higher position on the table from the preliminary rounds will move forward to the next round.                                                                                                                            14B [xii] If at the completion of the extra time for Grand Finals for all grades the score is still even, the drop-off rule to 9 players, then to 7 players and playing for 5 minutes each way, with golden goal rule, is to be played instead of penalty shoot-out. If it is still a draw, then the “penalty shoot-out 8 seconds competition” will determine the outcome, except in the Under 13 and below Grades, where the Grand Finalists will be declared Joint Premiers.

TROPHY MONEY DONATION: The teams have decided that this year their trophy money will be donated to Rural Aid /Buy a Bale, to help drought stricken local farmers. There will also be a bucket collection for Rural Aid on Grand Final Day.